mint to be

Because chilly October days call for ice cream, right?

On October 20th, I set out to make peach ice cream with and without a recipe. Unfortunately for me, the recipe I had originally found called for an ice cream churner. Even worse, it turned out I was also missing all the ingredients for my Ziploc bag five minute ice cream. As I did not want to run back to HEB to buy more ingredients and definitely did not intend on investing in a $70 ice cream churner, I had to help Sarah make pancakes.

On October 21st, armed with a NEW no-churn peach ice cream recipe, I set off on my quest to make the “perfect no churn fresh peach ice cream” with those “fresh peaches I picked up from the farmer’s market” (read: HEB). Thanks, Big Bear’s Wife!

With a Recipe: 

The recipe is relatively simple – all I had to do was peel and slice peaches, whip some cream and whisk in condensed milk.


My grandma ended up helping me peel 4 peaches while I chopped them. Thankfully, this process went a lot quicker and smoother than making pancakes. Within 30 minutes, I was finished and put my ice cream in the freezer.

The final product pre-freezing! It looks a little strange, but I believe in the flavor!

Without a Recipe:

I first had to think about my plan of attack. Peach ice cream seemed to just be vanilla ice cream with some peach flavoring and chunks of the fruit in it. Thus, theoretically, all I would have to do is add some peaches into the bag when I made ice cream in a Ziploc bag. (I’ve linked a neat little article about the method in case you don’t know what I’m talking about.)

I blended some peaches until it became chunky. I then added the chunks into my Ziploc bag with cream, vanilla extract, and sugar. I originally wanted to infuse more peach flavor by adding peach juice into the cream, but unfortunately I failed at making peach juice. Who knew it was so difficult to juice peaches?!












Then, I placed this bag into a larger Ziploc bag with ice and salt in it. Finally, I shook the bag vigorously for some amount of time.

VOILA! Peach ice cream without a recipe!

Taste Test:

So I had succeeded in making ice cream. But how would it compare to store-bought ice cream? I enlisted my siblings to help me taste the three different ice creams and determine our favorite.



My brother and sister eagerly tried the three types of ice cream. We found that the 5 minute ice cream with no recipe tasted the worst. It was extremely watery (probably because of the blended peach I had added), and tasted a little salty from the Ziploc bag shenanigans.

So, it came down to the one I had made with a recipe and the one I bought from HEB. (I will say, the homemade one was excellent.) My little brother, ever the flatterer, said the one I had made tasted the best because “you made it and it tastes 1% better”. My sister, who is always brutally honest, said she enjoyed the HEB one the most. Apparently, there was more peach flavor. :/

Cheers to ice cream in 60 degree weather!


After having been left in the freezer overnight, the ice cream is now EXTREMELY difficult to scoop out. I have no idea what to do. My sister decided to get a little creative…



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